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"Most see a stone. We see the diamond. Always"
At the core of what we do is a long-earned understanding of true luxury content and the care, craftsmanship and commitment that is required to produce it.
EVERYWHERE, every day. The power of thoughtfully executed property videos is that they will continue to engage and inform for as long as desired.
... but the real power lies in how well is told.
Have you ever noticed how people lean in when you whisper to them? That is the power of a beautifully told story - the kind that moves beyond transactional real estate and instead draws people in and holds them.
For us there are few joys greater greater than placing our lens inside a business and finding what makes it personal. We find that working together with a business can help capture its true heart.
Substance and Style
Success isn't the great idea. It’s the magnificent outcome. Which is why we spend days on location, not just hours.
Why we always find the story?
because that's what builds connection. We work hard to tell each and every story we’re entrusted with.
Who we are
A-series Movie professionals, we are a gifted and passionate team based in Toscany.
We want to provide a genuine point of difference in selling Luxury Real Estate by crafting uniquely international content that generates interest and desire through the universal language of images in motion.
Our mission is to capture the unique stories of any place and bring them to life.
How we work
One of the greatest challenges, and powers, of our work is capture a sense of promise and release genuine emotions as in cinema.
Thus we can spend several days capturing the amazing evolution of light, sun, shade and cloud around incredible empty spaces to help it come to life; or we can create a wonderful Love story in order to give the buyer a taste of what is living that property.
There are so many ways to show and capture the beauty of a location.
Through genuine meetings with the client we start create a unique and personal project. We go deep into the story and make sure that the client will be happy with the result.
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